The New Gucci Perfume Ad Campaign 2012
Elizabeth is really excited about this one. She just did all the vocals for a gorgeous new ad to air for Gucci Perfume!
We’ll post the ad once it’s available!

Djarum Ad Campaign Part two 2012!

The first Djarum Super Ad campaign was such a success that Elizabeth was just invited back to do all the vocals for a sequel that will also run throughout all of Asia for another year in the top tier advertising position, the full ad a total of 3 minutes!

“A Belfast Story” Soundtrack
Elizabeth just completed the vocals for a new film entitled, “A Belfast Story” – She sang on two pieces in the movie. More details coming soon.

Djarum Ad Campaign

Elizabeth can be heard on the new Djarum ad campaign airing for a year across all of Asia! She did all the vocals for the piece (Celtic Ethereal solo/ World Music Glossolalia choir vocals following – An edit can be heard on the right in the side bar, and a link will follow soon of the truly gorgeous ad itself!)

The Discovery Channel

Just completed the vocals for The Discovery Channel where she was asked to sound like Sigur Rós front man Jónsi Birgisson.

Forealia Project

Was just in Alabama, (of all places!) recording on several tracks as guest artist on a very special album called, “Forealia” – Will update as the project progresses / will be mastered in about a month (Very exciting sound – Imagine Peter Gabriel meets The Black Eyed Peas!)

Skeptoid Podcast

Elizabeth added her vocals to the Skeptoid Anniversary podcast – Called The History of Knowledge. Written by Peter Zachos, really funny stuff! Link here to view: www. (Opera vocals approx 2:28 and 1940′s radio show vocals approx 4:48)

Other projects are being worked upon in a few varying studios and as they land, will keep you posted~*

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